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of crimes in los angeles. and how? why they ended up and hercules. you have any idea or are there releasing why there were here in a hercules. >> we're not releasing any of iof that information. >> have you discovered what they are in this area? again the cannot discuss that. >> warmer weather on tap with showers and cooler weather today. we will see more sunshine and warmer temperatures tomorrow. and even warmer on sunday with a bit of a slowdown on monday but warmer weather expected on tuesday. let us look at the shower activity. the extension of the cloud coverage from overnight and the increasing with low cloud coverage towards the coast. this is expected to clear with warmer temperatures. by 10:00 a.m. still cool and 50s but for the most part. 50s and 60s. also the se--south bay with a 70 range in sunnyvale. for the inland valleys, upper 70's near 80s in antioch. 77 degrees in concord, pleasanton. and along the coast temperatures will be ranging from a low-mid upper 70's with the 63 degrees in ocean beach. 67 degrees in ocean beach and san francisco a look a your extended forecast with
threats. >> the space shuttle endeavor is on its final path towards its final resting spot through los angeles. this is two days before dawn. thousands of people watched and the endeavor, however is behind schedule and not expected to arrive until the wee hours of the morning. >> mostly clear skies right now this is a live look from our mount tam cam. pushing inland off with fog along the coast and in the bay. warmer weather but first the fog tracker. you are going to wake up to overcast conditions. however by noon we will see that fog returning. it will not be that warm tomorrow. for the rest of the beirut plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures. here we are, for the rest of the-bay iraq -- with green for the coast. the yellow is representing 70's. for the bay area it is going to be nice with 77 degrees expected in redwood city. santa clara, san jose and fremont. for the inland east bay valleys beautiful piece in fairfield, concord, pittsburgh. 75 in union city. cooler along the coast and pleasant. and will have 70's and mild temperatures for the north bay. the 49ers will take on t
los angeles to purchase tickets, but they were counterfeit. >> this man has a similar problem. >> it looks like the guy that sold me the tickets sold them on stub hub yesterday and then made another cost. >> the loss? >> two 50 $250. >> what would you do different next time? >> not buy paper tickets. i buy these in la all the time, it's not a problem. >> where did you get the tickets? >> i came this morning, i was at the box office. i said you got any extra ticket instbs he said, yeah -- ticket, he said, yeah, i got two extra. >> yes, he bought them from a scalper. >> he looked like a regular guy. >> he seemed pretty calm. this couple bought their tickets off stub hub. >> $2,000. >> one ticket was good, and one was bad. >> someone already scanned, and he's at the ball park. >> i'm not going to go without him, obviously. >> but there is a good story. snoop we get a full refund, we go inside. they refunded our tickets because of the fakes , and they gave us our tickets back anyway. >> and let them in for free. see? i deliver . you can bet a scalper will never offer that servi
but showtime for the new-look lakers tonight in los angeles. >>> dwight howard, long night for the lakers. against the dallas team. nash did hit the 3 but only 7 points, 4 assists. kobe bryant, 22. but dallas beats the lakers on opening night 99-91. lakers in trouble. only 81 games remaining . lebron got his ring, and it just makes you think about a year ago, oh, he can't win the big one. now they're talking about, hey, he can mess with jordan. supposedly the most extravagant ring ever assembled. there goes lebron, 26 points, 10 rebounds. wade had 29. and the heat on opening night win 120-107. >>> josh reddick was the man. he's the first a's outfielder to win this award since dwayne murphy in 1985. josh reddick, yes, wins the gold glove award. >>> dallas braden, he once pitched a perfect game on mother's day with his grandmother who raised him in attendance. everybody bought into it. a great, great story of this perfect game. but he had nothing but problems with his arm, and the a's had the him go today. #450e8 -- let him go today. >>> when you're a world champ, you get a taco bell appear
reading in los gatos. 74 in millepedes. 60s for the east bay shores. 62 in san francisco with 70s through the north bay, as for the blue angels forecast, it looks like the winds out of the north are going to be pick up on friday and saturday, so the fog will clear by about noon in the embarcadero. and you can catch the show live here on kron4 saturday afternoon. your extended forecast, cooler tomorrow, cooler friday and saturday. sunday upon the cooling continues as a -- a storm passes through. >>> one of our own got to hop in the cockpit and take a ride with the navy's precision flight team. grant lotus wasn't the only one though. the danville pilot best known for safely landing a disabled u.s. airlines jet on the hudson in 2009 was there too! you see him standing there. he flew fighter jets in the '70s and said he felt like a kid again! then it was grant's turn. >> 6.2 gs, which is pretty good. and we hit that on the break here. so we did pretty well. fought it off, stayed awake the whole time. we tid break the speed of sound. >> there's a lot more where that came from. tune in tomorro
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5